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We successfully supply the mining, oil, gas and engineering industries as well as the civil infrastructure.

Activate Marketing Procurement specialists specializes in procurement services and delivering productivity solutions to small and large enterprises.

Helping organizations on a global scale transform and evolve their business.  Aligning procurement and business strategy to ensure positive results and return on investment.  Positively impacting business results, health and stability of its customers

There are always opportunities to reduce your spending to external parties. Our process is designed to identify and pursue these opportunities and realize immediate profit-line improvement. Our team will implement solutions ranging from rigorous strategic sourcing initiatives to quick hit projects

Process Improvement and Governace: enjoy long term benefits

Sensible business planning expects investments made today will benefit the organization for years to come. We identify and implement changes that ensure the benefits achieved have staying power beyond the life of a single project or initiative.

Complete Management: outsource your procurement

For most organizations, procurement is an unavoidable distraction rather than a core competency. Round Table applies the necessary rigor and their years of expertise to your business, saving you the time, effort, investment and disruption that comes with doing it yourself. The benefits are immediate and significant, while the required internal effort is minimal.

Current State Analysis: know how your organization spends money

Our proven methodology reveals hidden inefficiencies in your operations, defining and prioritizing opportunities to reduce your operational spending.